Merit Mentoring & Professional Network (new in Fall 2022)

Be a part of our new Merit Mentoring & Professional Network!

For incoming first and second year students:

What & When:

Spring Semester: LAS 199 MPN, CRN 35362, a 1 credit hour class meeting every other week starting in week 2 of the Spring 2023 semester from 3-4:20 pm on Mondays in 4031 CIF. Spots will be reserved for students currently participating in the fall semester course until December 1, at which time the course will be opened to any interested students from target majors.

Fall Semester: LAS 199 MPN, CRN 63442, a 1 credit hour 8 week class offered in the second half of the Fall 2022 semester from 3-4:20 pm on Mondays in 4031 CIF (starting on October 17)

What to expect:

  • Meet and form connections with other highly motivated students in your major, including upper level undergraduate and graduate student mentors.
  • Gain professional skills for use inside and outside the classroom.
  • Hear from professionals in your field, including in both academia and industry.
  • Connect with paid professional development experiences on campus, including undergraduate research.

Who it’s for: First and second year students invited to the Merit Program who are in the following majors or who are undeclared but may be considering one of these majors.

  • biological sciences majors
    • integrative biology
    • molecular and cellular biology
    • biology teaching
    • biochemistry
  • chemical sciences majors
    • chemistry
    • chemistry teaching
    • computer science & chemistry
    • chemical & biomolecular engineering
  • mathematical science majors
    • mathematics
    • mathematics teaching
    • mathematics & computer science
    • actuarial science
  • undeclared students interested in one of the above majors
  • other majors with approval

Please email us at for more details or feel free to sign up for the LAS 199 MPN class on your own. We look forward to working with you this semester!

For junior and senior undergraduate students and graduate students:

Interested in being a mentor for the program? Please see more information here.