Spring 2019 Course Schedules

Registration for Spring 2019 will begin shortly! If you are interested in taking Merit this spring, you will need to be authorized by a director for the particular Merit section you are interested in. Please see the course schedules below for Merit offerings and to request approval for Merit sections in each discipline and do not hesitate to contact us with any questions or for more information.

Spring 2019 Course Schedule


Integrative Biology


Molecular & Cellular Biology
***Note: MCB merit will not be authorizing students for sections until late November. If you request a section and do not hear back, please be patient. You may also email advising@mcb.illinois.edu if you have any questions.***

Electrical & Computer Engineering


Merit Courses Available

Chemistry Integrative Biology Mathematics Molecular & Cellular Biology Electrical & Computer Engineering
CHEM 101
CHEM 102
CHEM 104
CHEM 202
CHEM 204
CHEM 232
CHEM 332
CHEM 236
CHEM 436
IB 150
IB 202
IB 203
IB 204
MATH 115
MATH 220
MATH 221
MATH 231
MATH 241
MATH 285
MATH 347
MCB 150
MCB 250
MCB 252 (Spring only)
MCB 354 (Fall only)
ECE 110
ECE 120
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